indispensible as a remedy/antiseptic

I have had an opportunity to both experience and observe the efficacy of the Wild Oil of Oregano over a period of several years, as I extensively used it myself and recommended it to others. Today, I can state with confidence that application of the Oregano oil contributed to often rapid recovery from numerous troublesome conditions. Sore throat, cough, toothache, cold, flu, sinusitis, gastric and bladder infection, candidiasis, parasitic invasion, indigestion, food poisoning, insect bites etc., being the most common examples. Oregano oil has proven indispensible as a remedy/antiseptic on numerous travels and camping trips. I tried and compared Oregano oil from a number of different sources which led me to choose the Hedd Wyn Essentials Wild Oil of Oregano for its purity and therapeutic properties. This wonderful, zesty food(!) is safe and effective – highly recommend it.

Matthias M., health coach, practitioner and researcher, Vancouver, BC