Clears up “Strange” Rash

10 years ago I was diagnosed and treated successfully for chronic myologenous leukemia (through the very destructive process of a bone marrow transplant). Although I am (happilly) in remission, the last decade has been difficult due to a plethora of long term side effects…high blood pressure, low energy, insomnia, succeptability to just about every viral, bacterial infections under the sun. The list goes on and on. Recently, a friend suggested oil of oregano to try on a strange rash that has appeared on my face every spring and fall for the last ten years. I have used cortisone, different essential oils topically, homeopathic tinctures (which i’ve used very successfully for other ailments) many herbal teas, fasts and food elimination, but nothing was working. This past fall, the rash began to spread all over my face outside of it’s regular localized area. Within days of taking the Hedd Wyn Wild Oil of Oregano internally under the tongue, the rash just simply disappeared! My energy levels and what I’ve heard of as “brain fog” began to dissapate. My blood pressure has since began to normalize and I am sleeping more soundly than I have in a very long time. I don’t know if I’m feeling better emotionally because of these clear ups or if the oil is having that affect too! Finally, I am beginning to feel like the young, 31 year old woman I am and not a chronically ill person with a comprimised immunity! I am happy to be alive and even more happy to be ACTIVELY alive! Many thanks, keep up the good work!