Toenail Fungus relief, finally! with Wild Oil of Oregano

I almost completely lost my toenail to fungus. It was separated from my toe right down to the root. For 2 years I tried everything anyone told me would cure it: colidal silver,aloe vera, vicks vapo rub, Schults anti infection, hydrogen peroxide, some stinky stuff I don’t even remember what that was, polysporin, lotrimin, monostat. You name it I tried without sucess. Then a wonderful person told me of oregano oil. I used it full strength on the toenail and diluted 1:4 olive oil under my tongue morning and night. Within 2 days I could feel that it was working because there was no pain. Within 3 months I regained a completely new, healthy, attatched toenail! It doesn’t taste very good. I found I could chase it down with celtic salt water to clean out the strong taste.