Surprise! Back pain disappears!

I am completely blown away by this product. Over the past few days I have been totally flat out with a flu type virus, intense body aches and pains so severe it was hard to wear clothes, feeling lethargic, a dry cough that felt like razors cutting into my chest. My friend had mentioned trying oregano oil…she brought me over some to try….within about 1/2 hour, incredibly, I felt improved and this maintain for maybe 3 hours…at first I just thought that this bug must be over but then it all began to creep back. so I succumbed to taking an analgesic that night before bed. The next day feeling much the same I sent my friend to P/U a bottle, once again the headache dissapeared, chest pain subsided, and my enery level boosted! So much that I was able to take the dog out for an hour long hike, until this point I had been on the sofa for 3 DAYS, hardly able to get up and make some tea. I’m impressed to say the least, but what really has surprised me is that I suffer from mid back pain this is an chronic condition that I rarely even get relief for. Any over the counter analgesics effects are minimal, massage or chiropractic care give me a few days at most . Well since I have been taking oil of oregano sub-lingually I have NO discomfort. This is a wonderful product I will be telling my friends about! I’m a Foot Care Nurse in the community and I anxious to test this product on nail fungus. AMAZING PRODUCT!! Many thanks RC