Sleep apnea, asthma

Years ago, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I stopped breathing while I was sleeping every two minutes. It put huge strain on my body. It didn’t help that I am also a bit overweight, asthmatic and allergic to my pet. I began to sleep 10 hours to get the 7 or 8 hours of sleep recommended by doctors. And I was still tired during the day. I even bought one of those expensive $1500 sleep apnea machines that harnesses to your face. I felt like I was in a bad episode of an alien movie. Well, as you could imagine, the mask only lasted a whole 2 days. But my friend had purchased some of your Wild Oil of Oregano and asked me to try it. A few drops under my tongue and I never had a better sleep. No loud snoring, no sleep apnea and I wasn’t tired during the day anymore. I would recommend your oil in a heart beat. In a sense, I feel it has given back my life and put a bounce in my step. Thank you very much!