I have had sinusitis for several years now. I have been to every ENT Specialist in the city and there is nothing that can be done. I was a candidate for lymphatic surgery because of the pain and swollen lymph, but was told to live with it. Since taking the Hedd Wyn Wild Oil of Oregano, my sinuses have started to drain properly. My fiancee developed psoriasis of the nails and skin earlier this year despite eating well and proper hygiene. She was prescribed corticosteroid creams and other lotions that did nothing except waste our time and money. Oil of Oregano has completely cleared up the red patchy areas of her skin in a matter of 2 weeks with 2 applications per day. As for her nails, they are continually improving! My mother uses it externally for Heel Spurs, and it instantly numbs the pain for hours! Thank you Hedd Wyn for a great product, that is affordable, with a personal touch.