Montezuma’s Revenge

I read in a magazine about it a month ago, just before we went to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico & we have been to Mexico a couple of times before & always the day before we come home, we seem to get the runs, so I bought a bottle to see how it would work. I had some a couple of times when I started feeling not so great & I was fine. I actually came home a couple of pounds heavier showing nothing made me sick which was the best I’d ever felt…on our previous trip I got the runs the day before & dropped 8 pounds.My husband took it daily the whole trip, not a problem. The day before we were to come home, he got a burger that was uncooked in the middle & sure enough he was up all night with the runs. He took a dose first thing in the morning, he felt instantly better, & we will now carry it with us whereever we go!! It kills whatevers bad that gets working inside of you!!