Miracle Cure!

Last fall, while pregnant with our fifth child, I contracted the worst flu I have ever experienced. I was diagnosed with myocarditis and spent over a month fighting for every breath. Our unborn baby’s heart rate was also severely elevated, and I developed a strong reaction to any kind of medication or chemicals. My cardiologist warned me that my enlarged heart might never be able to repair the damage done by the virus, and night after night of struggling for breath in the hospital emergency room had me wondering if I’d live to see my children grow up. A year earlier, my mother had told me about meeting a woman who had been bed-ridden with an unknown illness for several years but had been literally cured by taking Wild Oil of Oregano, and I remembered this during my own illness and decided to give it a try. Literally within minutes of my first dose (four drops in a teaspoon of honey), I could breathe clearly and without effort for the first time in weeks! A week later, my blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal, the baby’s heart rate stabilized and I was able to make it through a night without sitting up in a chair in order to breathe. Since then, I have taken Wild Oil of Oregano as soon as I’ve felt the beginnings of a cold or virus, and it’s been completely gone within just a few doses, and sometimes after only one. I’m not one to toss gratuitous praise around, but I swear, if I could only choose one item to keep in my family of seven’s medicine cupboard, it would definitely be Wild Oil of Oregano!