Instead of anti-biotics

For those who are skeptical about the healing effects of Wild Oil of Oregano, let me share my experience with this wonderful natural product. I was amazed . . . and my doctor was very surprised! I was using W.O.O.O. as an immune booster (because of the flu season) and ran out. In the meantime, I developed what I figured to be a bladder infection. I had placed my order for another bottle of Oil, but since the weekend was coming up I thought better to see a doctor in the event my infection would become worst. I had my urine checked and the doctor told me it was positive with the e.coli bacteria and prescribed antibiotic (which I really didn’t want to take). I mentioned that I would rather take my Oil of Oregano which is a natural antibiotic. He grinned and said I needed “real” antibiotics and told me the infection wouldn’t go away unless I took them. Luckily, by the next day I received my order (it only took 2 days – great service by the way!) so I started taking the Oil as soon as I opened the package. I didn’t even open my prescription – it went in my medicine cabinet. The next day my symptoms were gone and about a week later I went for another urine test to make sure the bacteria was gone. Well guess what? It was completely gone! I was absolutely delighted. I was very impressed and my doctor was pretty surprised! Everyone should have this product in their home – and use it – it works! Thank you! Monique B. Memramcook, NB