Hepatitis C, Reduction of chemo side effects etc.

In October.2001 I was diagnosed with hepatitis-C ( HCV ) It’s hard to grasp an act as little as getting a tattoo decades ago would end up being my early demise…Prior to that I was unimaginably ill for over seven years…The last three years being horribly the worst…Up until the time my wife ( Sommer ) and I found out by mistake.I had a multitude of health Issues…New ones almost weekly…Some of which were Insidious and nearly all the time brutal…I know this sounds dramatized…Although when you have a major organ dieing…Your In a life threatening state…I was diagnosed terminally ill…I was told I had six months to live…I may smolder for a year…Trust me I had been smoldering for years… At any given time I would have thirty/forty open and bleeding,Itching sores…The sores would wake up and Itch at night…So I had a unbelievable sleep deprivation problem… That would have been enough to end my life before my time…Without some form of treatment they would not heal for months…Even years…Everything we could find we would try…One of the other conditions I had on a ongoing basis was a fungal Infection that would grow under my nails on my feet and hands…The nail on my right Index finger fell off several times…Once I had to pull It off with a pair of needle nose pliers…Other symptoms of this Insidious disease are to numerous to explain In detail …When you are terminally ill you get real open minded or you get real ” DEAD “. I am a stubborn Irishman,So I chose the prior.of the two…By the way did I mention we have five grandchildren…I have everything to live for…That will bring me to the story of the ( Wild Oil Of Oregano ).We call our WOOO…Our health In a bottle…The WOOO changed our lives forever…The only reason we tell our story…If someone would read this and try the WOOO and It helped their health concerns…Our suffering may not be In vain…You noticed I said our suffering…When one family member Is sick the entire family Is affected…Out of desperation I first started using the WOOO on the open sores on my body…Nearly Immediately I experienced relief…As I am writing this I have no open sores anywhere on my body…I had such great results…I started using It full strength under the nails on my hands and feet…I have not lost one nail…As a matter of fact It Is healing up the fungus…At one time the nails on my fingers had black areas under them that were real painful…I had to be very careful not to snag them or they would pull off…It Is such a great feeling to see them healing up…The HCV caused my liver to be In the fourth and final stage of cirrhosis…My doctor would not have me use any pharmaceutical products…It would have done even more damage to my liver…We must be extremely aware of what I use or put In my body…So as not to do any further damage…Over a year ago I went Into chemo-therapy treatment…Peginterferon and Ribavirin therapy…The mild,moderate,to severe side effects of this treatment are almost as Insidious as the HCV…I was In treatment for 48 months…I Injected myself once every week and took six pills a day…The entire time I stayed on the WOOO…My doctor new I continued to use my supplements…And agreed I should do everything In my power to help me get through the treatment…Many of the side effects…Aching,Fatigue,Bleeding,Anxiety…I did NOT experience…I did NOT lose my hair…I used the WOOO several times a day…I also drank several drops In my morning drink my wife and I make for me…I am almost six months out of the treatment…Everyone Involved In my treatment…Doctors,Nurses,Our family,My wife,And myself believe we have eradicated this miserable killer disease…I used the WOOO before I knew I was dying…I will or should I say we will ( Our entire family uses the product now ) continue to use the WOOO for the rest of our lives… Everyone on the planet should be using It If they care about their Immune system or their health In general…We are thankful we discovered the unparalleled healing power of Wild Oil Of Oregano…We have told countless folks about this product and have gotten nothing but great rewards for doing so…If we have Quality of life the quantity will be worth living…We only have one life to live…If we live It right once Is enough… Sick…? WOOO can help…Not sick,,,? Great…Wild Oil Of Oregano…Can help keep you that way…Bless you all…In all you do…

Bless you all…In all you do… Kas & Sommer K… Always1…Survivors… …We Are Not Riding The ” WAVE ” …We Are The ” WAVE “

UPDATE May 14, 2004

We would like to update our testimonial. We have great news. We have been contacted from the Calgary Foothills hospital liver clinic in regards to my six month post treatment blood profile. Blood cannot lie EH !!! NO HCV DETECTED…It is my liver doctor’s and his nurse’s opinion I am 99.999 % cured. Sommer and I know that this vicious disease is 100 % eradicated.

It had no chance to stay living in and on me w/ all the WOOO we put in my body. Now Sommer and I can take all the efforts and time we spent on doing this creepy virus in and work on healing my liver. From a biopsy we found out I am in the fourth and final stage of cirrhosis.

With what we know about nurtrition, it’s a walk In the park. We have access to the finest natural healing products on the planet…WOOO being @ the top of the list. Everyone alive who wants to stay that way should be using WOOO on a proprietary daily basis. Again, we are very grateful to WOOO.

If you know any one who Is terminally ill…tell them to call us. We will surely let them know the un- deniable benefits of using WOOO. We have copies of my blood work to prove it.

Bless you and all of yours…Health & Happiness & beyond.

Kas & Sommer K…THE EH !!! TEAM…