Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Arthritis

My husband & I moved to the Island in 1988. In 1990, I was gardening by my tame broom & got a bite on my shin. It had all the symptoms of a tick bite, but my Dr. said there weren’t any on Vancouver Island, so no, it wasn’t that. From that time on, my immune system became “depressed” (that’s the only answer the Dr. could come up with)& my blood tests were all low & out of range. I was very tired & had to give up my clog dancing & even line dancing, as my head could not tell my feet what to do after 5 mins. I could hardly walk up our steps to the back yard, really frustrating! I had tests for everything we could think of, Lymes Disease, B12, iron deficiency – you name it! Nothing ever showed up, but my blood tests never changed much, all low. I started taking some Oil of Oregano in 2005, just a few drops under the tongue, usually flushed with water as pretty hot! I just tested my blood last month, & was so surprised to find I am all in range, mostly low, but in range!! I am so excited!! I have not had a cold or flu this year, & feel more energetic! I can only contribute this wonderfull news to the Oil of Oregano, as I have done nothing else different. I have arthritus of all kinds, since 1965, & Fibromyalgis diagnosed in 1985. I have tried living with the pain as I was told taking medication would only have made my immune system worse. I do take the odd Tylenol when really bad. I am an active person, & find that by being so, it really helps take your mind off the aches & pains. So Bless Oil of Oregano – it must be my saviour!!!