Cold, Sinus, Flu

Hello…I wanted to tell you that I have become a devote advocate of your product. A friend of mine told me about it so I decided to try it. After coming in contact and beginning the symptoms of a brutal head cold/sinus virus, I dosed myself with your Wild Oil of Oregano for a day and the next day the symptoms were gone. This was amazing to me as I thought for sure I was done in for the the cold/virus I had watched so many of my family deal with for almost 6 weeks! My family actually had a bet on that I would catch the cold because everyone else did…it was one of those voracious contagious ones. I think it also helped keep me healthy while traveling over the holidays as I avoided my typical “airplane” cold. On occasion I have given a drop or two a day in a glass of juice to my nine year old son and it seems to have kept him out of the cold season so far. I am grateful for discovering your product. I am glad I did not get a flu shot this year and now feel I have some added protection with your Wild Oil of Oregano. I am also glad you are a Canadian company.