Cancer Spots Gone

This is a “Mom is Right” story of listen up already and do it for your own good…. Oil of Oregano is great for what ever ails you. So I listened as Mother showed me three brown spots on her chest diagnosed that day as being cancerous, and they’ve got to cut them out. Mom says “no way, Oil of O will fix it” and three weeks later no spots, no melanoma. I am now a believer and have used two brands of O of O until I found your product at Thriftys in James Bay. I find that my entirely un-scientic taste test tells me that your product has a real bite to it yet is warm and soothing on a sore throat. Plus being from the Left Coast and partial to the Islands I now buy and promote to my friends your product. As I teach the art of cleaning things and sustainable chemistry, the natural bug killing quality of the right kind of O of O is a great incentive to use what is sustainable and natural. Thanks